Materials selection

We have always had a philosophy of avoiding the incorporation of scarce resources into our products wherever possible.

We have set ourselves a goal of eliminating brominated fire retardants in plastics.

Currently we are changing grades of ABS to ones that give off much less styrene monomers during processing.

Manufacturing technologies

We have eliminated our production paint shops which inefficiently painted large empty white boxes with high solvent wet paint .

All our factories operate On-line manufacturing. This results in less waste and less inventory.

All packaging is either reused or recycled, which eliminates waste and reduces the amount of packaging that is dumped into landfill.

Cleaner production methods

Our component to circuit board assembly process has eliminated the use of CFC's in cleaning (and avoided the use of HCFC's).

We are trialling VOC-free fluxes for this circuit board assembly.

Better by design

We avoid construction techniques that combine incompatible materials in a way that cannot be easily separated.

We put identification marks (to International Standards) on plastic mouldings showing which raw materials they are made of, which assists with recycling.