Fisher & Paykel's commitment to recycling started in 1993, growing steadily from an informal recycling tidy-up to the efficient operation it is today. Operating out of Auckland, the recycling centre employs six people who deal with 25,000 old appliances annually. All hazardous refrigerant gases are safely removed and all other materials are re-used where possible.

In 2008 3,898 tonnes of scrap metals and plastics were collected and saved from heading to landfill. Recovered and separated materials are sold to various merchants for reprocessing and recycling, while recovered packaging is re-used directly by the company.

Appliances are collected regularly from all main centres across both the North and South Island of New Zealand and delivered for dismantling in Auckland. All brands of appliances are accepted and can be dropped off at no cost, or for a small fee pickup can be organised in the Auckland region.

Globally each country has specific regulatory regimes to encourage the recycling of appliances at their end of life. Fisher & Paykel actively works within these regulatory regimes in the various countries to achieve maximum recycling of their products.

For further information on this service in New Zealand call the Fisher & Paykel Appliances Home Delivery Help Line on 09 273 6852.