Did You Know?

Did You Know?


Restaurant kitchen heat in an instant. Get the best out of our outdoor cooking products.

  • Full Surface Searing

    Full Surface Searing

    Product: Outdoor Grills

    Did you know the entire grill surface of your DCS grill can sear food? DCS allows you to control the power of your grill as precisely as you have always dreamed from the very far back corner to front and center. DCS Ceramic Radiant Technology - ensures the entire grill surface is the same temp everywhere - creating Full Surface Searing.

  • Rotisserie with dedicated Infrared Burner

    Rotisserie with dedicated Infrared Burner

    Product: Outdoor Grills

    Did you know the heavy duty Rotisserie motor with stainless steel rod and forks can accommodate up to 50 pounds. The dedicated infrared burner supplies controllable steady heat which is ideal for lower-temperature roasting and smoking. Plus the patented Smart Beam grill light perfects grilling at night that is more than capable of illuminating an entire surface.

  • Smoker Tray

    Smoker Tray

    Product: Outdoor Grills

    Did you know that each 36" and 48" grill head has a dedicated smoker burner which reaches up to 3,500 BTU. You can add distinct flavors to foods, by using with wood chips or herbs and your smoker burner can be used with main burners for grilling or low-temperature roasting and smoking for use with the rotisserie infrared burner.

  • Grease Management System

    Grease Management System

    Product: Outdoor Grills

    Did you know that our grill grates are custom to both carnivores and vegetarians. The grates are double sided, 304 grade CAST stainless steel (36" & 48") which feature one side for with a gentle radius for support and gently handling of fish and vegetables while the other side is W-shaped for maximum grease capture, leaving perfect sear lines on steaks and chops. This patented system reduces flare ups by effectively channeling grease away from the flame while grilling.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty

    Product: Outdoor Grills

    Did you know has a Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components. Yes this even includes the burners! This grill was built to last a lifetime using 304 grade stainless (Marine grade) so that it will not rust. See Warranty Manual for complete details.