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DCS refrigerators ensure your food stays fresher for longer.

The counter depth 36" French Door model includes the unique ActiveSmart™ technology system from Fisher & Paykel. It features a combination of temperature sensors with smart electronics and variable fan speeds that help create a controlled environment and optimum temperatures for better food care. We call it ActiveSmart™ technology.

All drawers are designed with high quality full extension runners. The deli drawer is perfect for separate storage of cheeses and meats, while the freezer drawer features generous and flexible storage space for large and small frozen goods.


Refrigerator Features


Complementary Styling

High quality stainless steel finish, tall handles, hidden hinges and an option of a surround kit make for a seamless integrated addition to new and existing kitchen designs.

French Door Access

Maximizes space as well as access; this is a refrigerator for entertaining. Two central opening flat doors provide unobstructed access to the 31" wide shelves. Open spaces provide plenty of storage for platters and large door shelves fit all shapes and sizes of jars and bottles.


Quality extension runners allow you to fully slide out vegetable and slim bins for easy loading and unloading. The storage bins are removable for easy cleaning and food preparation. The slide-out freezer drawer provides better access to frozen food items.

Ice & Water

The fully integrated in-door water dispenser and internal ice maker have no impact on storage space. The slimline touch pad and angled delivery mean any size or shaped vessel can be filled and the ice maker can dispense into various sized bins for customized ice storage.

ActiveSmart™ System

ActiveSmart™ refrigerators sense and respond to daily use, meaning this Energy Star qualified refrigerator uses only the energy required to keep the temperature inside constant. The combination of temperature sensors and variable speed fans create a controlled environment for better food care.


Humidity Control System

The Humidity Control System together with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart™ technology creates the perfect microclimate in each storage bin maintaining fruit and vegetable quality at just the right humidity and temperature level.